Vanishing Sentinels: Saskatchewan

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This private project is another work in progress, and this web site is to showcase my photos of the grain elevators of Saskatchewan

and to give information on my new book,

“Vanishing Sentinels Volume II:

The Remaining Grain Elevators of Western Saskatchewan”.

At present I am working on Volume III which will detail the grain elevators or Eastern Saskatchewan!

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos I have taken since I started in September 2008, and please feel free to comment or leave information on grain elevators in your area that I may have missed in the book.

All of us have a stake in this important part of our history!

Please do not forget the Vanishing Sentinels Of The Saskatchewan Prairies!

Please feel free to email me at if you have any comments, suggestions or new elevator sightings in

Western and Eastern Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Western Saskatchewan Elevators Photographed



By Sharon Espeseth

(Barrhead, Alberta)

Elevators are landmarks

And totem poles of the past.

Prairie towns won’t be the same

Without their stately presence.

Bents, Saskatchewan (With Feudal in the distance) 2009

© 2009 Jim A Pearson

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Eastern Saskatchewan Elevators Photographed


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Saskatchewan Elevators on

As of April 4, 2017 

Saskatchewan has

513 known Grain facilities.

435 wooden elevators and annexes,

77 concrete, and 50 steel facilities.

(Not including seed cleaning or feed mills)

(Yes I did a re-count!)

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Prairie icons in danger of extinction

Efforts needed to preserve remaining grain elevators

Here is an excellent article from the Winnipeg Free Press on

The Remaining Prairie Grain Elevators!

Elevator Fire Alert!

Another fire in Saskatchewan has burned down!

Thrasher’s Sask Pool elevator burned down in the morning of

April 4, 2017!!!

Heart breaking news from White Bear Saskatchewan.

The famous Pioneer elevator with the leaning annex was destroyed by fire on

June 2, 2017 after the elevator was stuck by lightning. I guess the universe decided to give the old girl a Viking Funeral. It will be missed!

Left & Center Photos by Jim A Pearson - Right by Jim Baumann